Pathway to Hearing God's Voice 101 - 7 Simple Steps

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Pathway to Hearing God's Voice 101 - 7 Simple Steps

Sindy Nagel
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This life-changing course walks you through seven easy steps to achieve your goal of hearing God's voice. Sindy ushers you into the presence of God where you will begin the adventure of a lifetime. Learning to recognize the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit within you is the best gift you can give yourself. Begin your transformational journey to greater intimacy with God today!

In this 90-minute video course, discover answers to these questions:

1. Why would God speak to me?

2. How do I make time for God?

3. Where do I go to find solitude?

4. How do I record what He says to me?

5. How can I be sure it’s God’s voice I hear?

6. What are the benefits of hearing His voice?

7. Okay, I hear God speak. Now what do I do?

*Bonus material included: 14 handouts of key graphics and important tips described in the course, as well as, self-reflection questions and practical exercises to help you implement these 7 Steps to Hearing God's Voice

Don't wait! Activate this complete guide to two-way communication with your Lord and Savior by purchasing Pathway to Hearing God's Voice 101 today!

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